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Top Ten Most Significant Production Corvettes

Assembled are 10 sure winners in the investment game. If there is anything in the Corvette hobby that equates to blue chip-stocks, it is the following. (Click on years to see photos).

1. 1957 Fuel Injected   Production: 1,040
The 283 and fuel injection were new for ‘57, it was rated at 283 horsepower. The ‘57 fuelie became the foundation on which the Corvette legacy was built.

2. 1963 Fuel Injected   Production: 2,610
The Ram-Jet 360-horse powerplant in a Mitchell-Shinoda collaborated split-window ‘63 coupe the ultimate styling statement from GM.

3. & 4. 1965 Coupe And Roadster   Production: Small-block: 771 Big-block: 2,157
Take your choice, a 375-horsepower 327 fuelie or a 425-horse 396 big-block. 1965 gave us two super Corvettes to choose from and the first production four-wheel disc-brake setup.

5. 1967 L88 Or L89   Production: L88: 20 L89: 16
Either version is recommended and truly rare stuff. It was the L88, a purpose-built race car and the L89, a beautifully crafted high-performance street motor that sealed the marque’s big-block reputation.

6. 1969 ZL-1 engine pic   Production: 2
The breathtaking all-aluminum 427 Can Am-type motor ZL-1 option cost $3,000
extra in 1969 - which was long green back then, but don’t you wish you had it today?

7. 1970 LT-1   Production 1,287
The LT-1 motor re-established the solid-lifter small-block as a powerful member of the Corvette engine family with 370 horse-power and a close-ratio four-speed.

8. 1971 LS6   Production: 188
The 1971 LS6 was the stuff of which legends are made. With aluminum heads, it boasted mechanical lifters, a nitrated, cross-drilled crankshaft and domed pistons.

9. 1986 Roadster   Production: 7,264
The first roadster in 11 years and the first Corvette roadster to pace the Indianapolis 500. 1986 included the addition of Anti-lock brakes and aluminum heads to the tuned port injected L98 engine.

10. 1990 ZR-1   Production: 3,049
The brilliant dual-overhead cam LT5 produced an honest 375 horsepower. The ZR-1 outperformed cars three times it’s price and elevated Corvette to true world class status.


Runners Up

While only powered by a Stovebolt, it was the first Corvette. Just 300 were made.

1968-1969 427/435
Very affordable super performance is still waiting for you with much better handling than a 1967 model. There were 2,898 produced in ‘68 and 2,722 made ‘69.

1972 LT-1
The only year air conditioning was offered with the LT-1, making for a very comfortable sports car. There were 1,741 produced.

1980 L-82
Last of the low-tech Corvettes and still very affordable and collectible. There were 5,069 built.

Excerpts from Corvette Fever February 1991 by Mike Kitain.